Digital Forensics Services in Michigan

Computer and Digital Forensics Service in Michigan

In 2013 we decided and discovered that there should be a way to provide the best in digital, mobile and legal forensic services. What did we do? We launched Secure Forensics in Michigan. In the process of the new endeavor, we saw the ever-growing need for our services and branched out to two offices in Michigan. These two offices are located in Canton and Troy, however, because of the advanced technology we offer, we can work with anyone in the state. Michigan deserves a computer forensics service that is ambitious as the state, and we are proud to work with their businesses, residents and the public sector.

Canton, MI

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Troy, MI

Detroit, MI Office
Secure Forensics 100 W Big Beaver Rd. Suite 200
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Featured Services

We’ve never been followers, instead, we’re trailblazers when it comes to computer and digital forensics. It’s our dedication to our clients that we will always be ethical in our methods of extraction and analyzing of data. Did you assume that digital forensics only means cybercrime? If so, you would be wrong. Digital and computer forensics does include cybercrime but that is only one portion of it. In fact, our services range from assisting with cheating spouses, insurance claims, data breaches and employment contracts. For example, even though Michigan is a no-fault state for divorce, there is consideration of some fault when dividing assets, deciding on alimony and spousal support. A digital investigation can find the sometimes hidden information which can support claims and find financial information that can be the deciding factor in how much you pay. The start of our digital forensics process includes identifying the digital devices you use, then, we’ll collect the information and locate your path of digital breadcrumbs and preserve that information through forensic imaging. Once we analyze the information, we compile it in a way that is easy for judges and juries to comprehend. With each step we perform we sign off on it and establish a chain of custody. Our services include:


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We Provide Michigan with Computer Forensic Services


Michigan is the tenth most populated state in the country with almost 10 million residents and the main economy being the automotive industry. When Michigan provides the United States with automotive solutions, Secure Forensics provides Michigan with computer and mobile forensics services. At any given point, a business might struggle with the theft of their trade secrets or an angry employee, or, a spouse might suspect that their significant other is cheating on them. We can work with anyone in Michigan for many reasons to deliver them the results and information that they need to have the advantages in their case.


Cases we commonly handle in Michigan include:

  • Divorce and Custody Battles
  • Data Breach & Data Incident Response
  • Fraud
  • Cyberbullying and Online Harassment
  • Criminal Cases
  • Insurance Claims
  • Many More

The Most Trusted Computer Forensics Firm in Michigan


From the outside we make the digital forensics process look easy, however, it requires not only hard work but the necessary software and skill set in the software to get the evidence you need. As a requirement, we undergo annual audits and courses to ensure that we are up to date on the most current ways to unscramble and make sense of your data.


The tools and certifications we use to help us get the information you need are:

  • X-Ways Software Certified - Allows us to quickly collect data in 6 hours or less to provide you with quick and accurate reports.
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - Certifies that our digital forensic team are experts in computer and mobile forensic software
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified -Advanced mobile device data extraction tool
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts
  • Many more

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We provide Michigan with the most reliable and trustworthy computer and mobile forensic services. We are eager for your call and to offer you a free phone consultation so we can start a case, call us today at (800) 288-1407. Our process is fast, efficient and cost-effective. We’ll help make your difficult legal battles easier.