Lafayette, LA – Computer Forensics Services

Brian Layman

Providing Digital and Computer Forensic Services to Overland Park


Lafayette is the fourth largest city in the state of Louisiana with a population around 130,000. Naturally, the businesses and residents there will require computer and digital forensic services at some point. The city is home to four colleges and various industries that range from aerospace to travel and leisure and everything in between. Secure Forensics can provide unique and tailored digital, legal and computer forensic services to the wide array of businesses and individuals alike.


Services we provide are:


  • Computer forensic services

  • Mobile Forensics

  • Forensic Imaging

  • DVR Recovery Services

  • On-Site Forensic Services

  • Many more

To make our services even stronger, we have the right and most certifications. Our team must be audited annually by our third party certifiers to ensure they are all masters and experts in all digital and computer forensic software. Our certifications and team also mean that our team has been given an A+ rating the Better Business Bureau and has been rated #1 by for the last eight years.


Some of our certifications include:


  • X-Ways Certified Forensics Examiners

  • Cellebrite Physical & Logical Analyst

  • IACIS Certified Forensics Examiners

  • #1 Rated Digital Forensics firm

  • Many more

Don’t hesitate to contact us. With any digital and computer forensic case, the quicker you act the better the results. Our team is ready for any emergency case and can be reached at (800) 288-1407 to help with your digital forensic needs.