Digital Forensics Services in Illinois

Digital Forensics Service in Illinois

Since 2013 Secure Forensics has provided Chicago, Peoria, and Schaumburg Illinois with computer, digital, mobile and legal forensic services. Our digital and computer forensic services were born out of client demand. Our Illinois customers, and us, both knew our digital forensic services would be different and set a new industry standard in the field. Our computer and legal forensic experts will help identify, collect, preserve and analyze electronically stored data from computers to mobile devices to find the vital and relevant information that will help you in court. We work with everyone in Illinois regardless if they are an individual or a corporation.

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Featured Services

Our Illinois offices work around the clock to provide industry-leading digital and computer forensic services to the state. We understand that every case will have its own set of challenges and that no one will be an exact copy of the last. Our team can handle the most complex cases and find a solution through our digital investigation process to provide you with a strong chain of custody. Our process begins by identifying any of the devices that are used for data storage and communication. Digital forensics is a science, one that involves a specific set of skills and certifications to extract electronically stored information from devices. Once we have extracted and collected the information, we preserve it by creating a copy of the information, then, we’ll analyze the data and provide a comprehensive court admissible report. Our digital forensic expert can also provide an expert witness testimony for you in court. Illinois deserves the best digital and computer forensic services, and we’ll create a tailored approach to meet any needs. Some of these services include:


Are you in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and in need of forensic services to analyze information and prepare for a legal case? Digital forensics has always been based on science and is admissible and will stand up in any court in This shortcode only works on location pages..


Data Breaches are becoming more common in the state of This shortcode only works on location pages. and nationwide. Do you suspect you or your company has experienced a data breach? Do you have a plan to mitigate the scope of the data breach and track down the responsible party?

Providing Illinois with Digital and Computer Forensic Services


With a major city like Chicago, Illinois has become a major economic hub of the Midwest. In the state alone there are almost 13 million people, millions of businesses and 125 different higher educational institutes. It’s our goal to provide the residents and businesses of Illinois with industry leading computer forensic and digital forensic services that can help them with any civil or criminal case and allow us to follow digital breadcrumbs to the truth. When someone hears the term digital or computer forensics, they might assume it only includes cybercrime or network attacks. While we do help with data breaches, digital forensics encompasses everything from gathering information on a cheating spouse, cyberbullies, slanderous employees and everything in between.


Common services we provide to help you with your needs are:

  • Computer Forensic Services - Allows us to find or recover evidence which might have been tampered with or deleted
  • Mobile Forensics - Unlocking areas on devices to extract vital information that you need for your case
  • Forensic Imaging - Copy of the data in question for preserving an analyzing
  • DVR Recovery Services - Allows recovery of video evidence which could have been intentionally destroyed or tampered with
  • On-Site Forensic Services - We will travel to wherever you when sending devices or data to us is not a possibility
  • Many more

Accredited Computer Forensics Firm in Kentucky


It’s becoming for common for judges to require digital evidence that backs a claim or case. To acquire digital evidence that stands up in cross-examination and won’t be thrown out requires many hours and knowledge of where to start looking for the right evidence. Our Illinois computer forensic team has decades of experience to save you time, money and frustration for any litigation battle. Lack of digital evidence and a strong chain of custody can make or break your case. This is why we have secured major certifications like the SSAE 18 SOC 1,2 & 3 certification. This certification puts us under annual review to make sure we are meeting all industry security standards and Secure Forensics is the only firm in Illinois and nationally to hold this.


We hold the most certifications out of any other firm, these include:

  • Member of the High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC) - Connects to a global database of digital forensic investigators and law enforcement
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Certified - Certifies that our digital forensic team are experts in computer and mobile forensic software
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyst Certified -Advanced mobile device data extraction tool
  • EnCase Certified - Most accepted forensic software by courts
  • Many More

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We’ll trace the clues, and find the answers you need. Illinois needs a computer forensics service that moves as quickly as the state. Contact us today and learn how our experts with decades of experience can help you with your needs.