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Our Mission Statement

Secure Forensics strives to make digital forensics, electronic discovery and cyber security services simple and easily accessible all across the world.

Secure Forensics Mission Statement

Our History

How it Started

Secure Forensics formally incorporated in 2007. While we grew into the #1 data recovery company in the world with over 50 North American offices; we noticed an increased demand for digital forensics and e-discovery services for our clients.

Digital Forensics Division

Due to this our digital forensics division was born. Lead by a charismatic and experienced director with decades of experience in law enforcement our digital forensics division became capable to perform any forensic service that our clients required.

Computer Forensics Certifications

During the last decade Secure Forensics has gotten the most certifications out of any other forensics company in North America. We are the only forensics company to perform our own data recovery in a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which strengthens chain of custody on any evidence we obtain.

Encrypted Hard Drives

In 2014 we also developed a FIPS Level 3 Certified hardware encrypted hard drive which we utilize to return any reports back to you. This further strengthens chain of custody, and thereby strengthens any legal case you may have.

    Our Promise

      Strict Chain of Custody

      Strict Chain of Custody During the Entire Process

      Our digital and computer forensics investigators will maintain strict chain of custody during the entire process. We will collect, preserve, analyze, and report for any case that you might have.

      We Stand By Evidence

      We Stand by Any Evidence that We Find

      We will guarantee and stand by any evidence that we find. We will never resort to any illegal means to obtain evidence. We will provide you a detailed report and expert testimony that will stand up to cross examination.

      Dedicated Customer Service

      Dedicated Customer Service Team You Can Rely On

      Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency services. If your forensics case is time sensitive we offer emergency service options to meet your deadline. All of our staff and facilities will take a dependable approach and be available for any questions you may have.

      Clear Forensics Process

      Clear & Concise Transparent Process

      We believe in transparency when offering our services to our clients. We will make clear concise estimates, and explain the scope of the work before you even send or drop off your media at one of our facilities. We understand how a legal case can affect the well being of an individual or company and we will be here to help you get the proof that you require.