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With decades of proven in-court digital forensics expert witness experience, we have the certified knowledge, technology and verified background to help make any digital forensics case a success.

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Allan N. Buxton is the Lead Forensic Examiner of Secure Forensics. Allan is a key component to what makes Secure Forensics an industry leader in the computer forensic sector. Over his 17+ years of experience, Allan has logged nearly 600 hours of training in computer and mobile forensic software and techniques. He started working in the Ohio Attorney General’s office in 2002, and has had 16 years of courtroom testimony experience since then.

  • 2002 – Joins Ohio AG’s office, testifies as the states expert witness in Federal Court
  • 2005 – First Ohio Supreme Court Decision Affirming Allan’s actions
  • 2006 – Assisted US Marshalls in Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives Case
  • 2009 – Distinguished Law Enforcement Group Achievement Award
  • 2010 – Ohio Attorney General’s Office BCI&I Superintendent Award
  • 2012 – Ohio Attorney General’s Office Teamwork Award
  • 2013 – Distinguished Law Enforcement Group Achievement Award

Allan has been recognized by various county courts as an expert in computer forensics. For more information on Allan’s long and experienced career in computer forensics, view his complete resume by clicking the file below.

See a complete downloadable copy of Curriculum Vitae (CV) below.


In addition to his awards and notables, Allan has been recognized on numerous occasions from counties for his computer forensic experience, including:

  • Summit County Court of Common Pleas as an expert in Taser M26 and X26 devices
  • Richland and Cuyahoga County Courts of Common Pleas as an expert in computer forensics
  • Clinton County Common Pleas Court as an expert in computer forensics and computer hardware diagnosis and repair
  • Wayne, Summit, Cuyahoga, Medina and Jefferson county courts of common pleas as an expert in computer forensics

Allan is also certified in all major forensics certifications such as:

  • Cellebrite Physical & Logical Analyst Certified
  • Member of International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
  • AccessData Certified
  • X-Ways Certified
  • Encase Software Certified
  • Guidance Software Suite Certified

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