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X-Ways Forensics Experts

X-Ways is a vital tool for digital and computer forensics. Fortunately the forensics investigators at Secure Forensics are W-Ways certified.

X-Ways Certified Forensics Examiners

X-Ways Certified Forensics Specialists for Every Case

X-Ways is a type of software application utilized by forensic examiners to perform specific duties with greater speed and efficiency.

An X-Ways Investigator has received extensive training on the advanced methods of retrieving, storing and remitting data.

In addition, the X-Ways application enables forensic investigators to execute their examinations on a wide variety of technological devices.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, X-Ways software ensures that all steps forensics examiners performed are repeatable and undeniable and can be proven in a legal setting.

Our digital forensics investigators hold X-Ways Certification and are experts at operating X-Ways software. We also keep up to date with this certification and attend X-Ways training courses. 

Finally, those certified to use X-Ways software will also be expected to be certified to operate other technologically advanced forensics software applications like EnCase.

After utilizing X-Ways to perform a forensics case an investigator would be able to:

  • Find Deleted Files
  • Mark Off Various Hits
  • Perform Data Recovery
  • Interpret Information
  • Get Extensive View of All Files, Including Existing & Deleted Subdirectories

Secure Forensics, a world leader in providing digital, computer and mobile forensics, in addition to other pertinent services such as data recovery and cybersecurity, employs examiners who are X-Ways Experts. In addition, our investigators hold numerous other key certifications that ensure the services we provide are completed not only in the most professional manner possible but also in accordance with stringent industry standards regarding how to properly extract, guard and submit the data we process.


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