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Certified IACIS Forensics

Every investigator employed by Secure Forensics, North America’s leading provider of computer forensics, digital forensics and many other technological services, is recognized as an IACIS Certified Computer Forensics examiner.

IACIS Certified Forensics

What is IACIS?

The International Association of Computer Specialists (IACS) oversees how digital and computer forensics are performed worldwide. The organization is vital to Secure Forensics and other computer forensic investigators alike.

What are the benefits of being part of IACIS?

  • Provides extensive training in various technology-based forensic disciplines
  • Establishes the protocols which endeavors should be undertaken for computer forensics
  • Annual training and exams that prove our expertise in our computer forensic software

It’s important to have certifications in computer and digital forensics as they prove the credibility of the investigator. This only helps our clients more as the reports provided to them or expert court testimonies will go mostly unquestioned.

Why an IACIS Certification?

  • A guarantee to our clients that the services they receive will be the highest quality
  • Certifications mean we are trained to ensure that your data will not be damaged and that your evidence will be preserved
  • Guarantees that we are up to date on the latest computer forensic software to build court admissible cases with the electronically stored information collected

If you are in need of a digital and computer forensics service, do not hesitate to contact Secure Forensics which has been ranked #1 by for the last eight years and given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.


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