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GSA Approved Forensics Contractor

Secure Forensics is a contractor that is registered with the General Services Administration’s Schedule 70. As an approved contractor we can offer forensics services to any state, local, or federal government agency at a discount.

GSA Approved Forensics Contractor

Secure Forensics is a GSA Approved Contract Number Holder. This credential enables us to do business with any government agency as well as offer discounts for forensics services.

Please see our Related Credentials:

      • GSA Contract: GS-35F-288BA
      • Cage Code: 6BP27
    • DUNS: 796906209
    • NAICS: 541512

What is GSA Certification?

Companies holding General Services Administration (GSA) Certifications are licensed to perform specific services for a variety of government agencies and branches of the military.

Entities that have a GSA Contract Number have been audited by the federal government’s General Services Administration and offer a discounted pricing schedule to any agency that purchases through the GSA schedule.

Secure Forensics, employs many forensics examiners with years of private and law enforcement forensic experience; and is one of North America’s leading providers of computer forensics, digital forensics, and mobile forensics. We also offer other services such as cyber incident response teams, all of which fall under our GSA Schedule.

What are the Advantages to working with a GSA Contract Holder?

The need for services such as data retrieval, computer forensics, digital and mobile forensics are often the result of an unexpected event or an emergency. In such cases, Secure Forensics offers expedited forensics services; so that no establishment is left scrambling for their data analysis and digital forensics services. To the average client these services can be both expensive and time consuming. When working with Secure Forensics through our GSA schedule pricing the process can be completed in a much more affordable rate.

Being a GSA contractor enables us to:

Offer Discounted Pricing to GSA

Offer Discounted Pricing

      Provide GSA Payment Options

      Provide GSA Payment Options

      Have Priority Tun Around Options

      Have Priority Turn Around Options

      We have offices throughout the contiguous United States, which enables us to either perform onsite retrieval and forensics services. These services retrieve items such as computer hard drives and perform diagnostics, analysis, data recovery, and digital forensics services in our secure and safe labs. In all cases, we respect the chain of command and guarantee that personal or sensitive data will not be tampered with or be obtained by individuals not authorized to review such material. If you are experiencing a situation where you require any of our forensics services, please give us a call at 800-288-1407 and speak with one of our representatives to get started. 


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      Call our 24/7 toll-free hotline to speak directly with a forensics expert. Alternatively use our simple online form to set up a new case and we will contact you shortly.