FIPS Level 3 Certified Strict Chain of Custody Practices

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The New Standard in Chain of Custody Practices with FIPS Level 3

Secure Forensics is the only company to maintain a strict chain of custody even after your report leaves our facility. We do that by returning your forensics report on a FIPS Level 3 Hardware Encrypted Hard Drive.

FIPS Level 3 Chain of Custody Practices

No Breach in Chain of Custody.

Court cases can be made or broken based on chain of custody. This includes any forensics reports that are issued. Any report that is intercepted during shipping can be considered a broken chain of custody. Fortunately Secure Forensics has a solution to this seemingly common problem.

How Does Secure Forensics Do This?

Any forensics case that is completed requires a written report of the evidence. Secure Forensics transports this report to our clients on a FIPS level 3 certified hardware encrypted external hard drive. Even if your report is intercepted or lost the data remains locked without the password. If someone attempts to unlock the device after 10 incorrect attempts it will delete the information instantly.

Secure Forensics’ solution will:

  • Maintain a Strict Chain of Custody on Digital Evidence
  • Offers No Chance of Data Leaks
  • If Intercepted Digital Evidence Gets Deleted
  • Submitting Evidence to a Clerk Under Seal

Win Your Case With Strict Chain of Custody

The forensics examiners at Secure Forensics have all the experience necessary to perform digital, computer, and mobile forensics. Once we are completed with our process you will receive a report digitally on a FIPS Level 3 Hardware Encrypted Hard Drive. This will further cement your chain of custody so that your opposition can not question chain of custody during precedings.

If you are ever in need of any type of forensics that requires digital evidence Secure Forensics is here to help. We have 50 conveniently located offices, please give one of our helpful representatives a call at 800-288-1407 to get your forensics case started.


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