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Certified AccessData Forensic Investigators

The digital forensics investigators at Secure Forensics have been certified by Access Data. Let us put our knowledge and Access Data Certifications to work for you.

AccessData Certified Forensics Examiner

Access Data Certified Forensic Examiners

What is an AccessData Certification (ACE) and why should it matter to you? ACE is a powerful set of computer forensic tools to assist with your digital and computer forensic needs in three vital ways, these include:

  • Digital Forensics – AccessData will provide the tools which allow for the SecureForensics team to analyze computer, mobile devices, and network communications
  • Collection & Analysis – The power Forensics Toolkit helps us handle massive data collection with less cost and fewer financial resources
  • Risk & Compliance – AccessData assists us with network forensics by helping us to identify enterprise endpoints and stop destructive activities across your endpoints.

What is the Forensics Tool Kit and how do we use it?

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) is a powerful and stable tool that cuts the time with fast processing. Our computer forensic investigator uses this to find the most relevant information. We use the Forensic Toolkit for the following:

  • Email Analysis – Analyze emails for specific words, header analysis and provides the ability to track IP addresses
  • File Decryption – Provide the ability to retrieve passwords for over 100 different applications. It can also decrypt entire files.
  • Data Carving – Our digital forensic investigators can use this feature to search files based on the size, data type, and pixel size.
  • Data Visualization – We utilize this for timeline construction, cluster graphs, and geolocation
  • Web Viewer – This unique tool allows for clients to view the files and evidence that is still being processed in real time.
  • Cerberus – A powerful malware detection feature and suggests ways on who to handle it when found.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Allows for fast conversation of images to readable text, and also has multi-language support.

AccessData is just one of the many powerful computer forensic tools we employ to collect and analyze data for our court admissible reports. We use these tools to maintain our spot as the industry leader in computer forensics. Regardless if you are a large business, individual or a government agency our computer forensic experts can help you today. Contact us to start your case immediately at 1-800-288-1407.


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