The War Against The Dark Web That You Did Not Know About

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The Invisible War Against The Dark Web

A joint effort between The German Federal Criminal Police, The Dutch National Police, and several United States government agencies that include the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and more brought an end to two large dark web marketplaces. Europol reports that both Wall Street Market and Valhalla Marketplace were taken offline. While these two dark online markets are the biggest, there are still roughly 98 others online.

The Wall Street Market is the second largest dark web market that allows the sale of drugs. Drugs sold on this site include cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamines and more. Stolen data, fake documents, and malicious software were also sold through the site in addition to the drugs.

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How Big Is The Dark Web?

To access the website, users needed to have the Tor browser installed on their computer. Once they did, they could access the dark web. The Wall Street Market, which was exclusively accessed through Tor, had over 1,150,000 users and a total of 5,400 vendors. Before the website was taken down, the founders of the site tried to collect $11 million in an exit scam. What makes this more interesting, is the various agencies who monitored the site waited until the exit scam attempt to make their move.

It was reported to Cyberscoop that while other dark web markets and forums remain, they do not go unnoticed. In their report, they state that those websites were infiltrated by influential players who are investigating and collecting information.

Who Is Leading The Fight Against The Dark Web?

Some might think that there are police officers sitting on a computer and monitoring the dark web daily to mitigate data leaks and other unethical services, however, it’s CEOs and corporate America leading the fight. It’s estimated that companies spend millions each year on third-party groups that can monitor those hidden parts of the web and report them when data is stolen.

It’s not only CEOs though, but a new wave of ethical hackers, digital forensic firms, and government agencies dedicated to the dark web that provides valuable key insights into these forums. It’s unlikely that the dark web and criminal activity will disappear anytime soon, but with two large market places coming down and more monitoring of these sites, the dark web does not seem so dark anymore.

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