Twitter Bug Shares The Location of Twitter Users

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Twitter Location Bug Accidentally Shares Information with Ad Partner

I, like many other iOS users, was affected by the Twitter location bug. When I opened the Twitter app, they informed me that a bug impacted my privacy. In their initial message, they said, “we’re reaching out to tell you about a recent issue that we have resolved where we inadvertently collected some iOS location data.”

Basically, the bug collected and shared location data of iOS devices, even if the precise location feature was not turned on. However, it’s not the accidental tracking that is the problem. It’s that they shared the information with one of their advertising partners. In their official statementon their website, they say that the data was not retained and that their partner deleted it.

This minor faux pas is not the first time Twitter was hit with a breach. In May 2018, 330 million users needed to change their password after a bug exposed user passwords.

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Should You be Concerned About This Breach?

With any breach, you should be concerned about your privacy. However, you should specifically be concerned about what information on you is being shared without your knowledge. To check what apps on Twitter have access to your location, check the privacy settings for your account.

Twitter users will know if they were part of this if Twitter prompted them with a notification upon opening the app. The notification did not tell users how long this has been happening, who the partner was that the data was shared with, when it took place, or how it even happened to begin with.

Data breaches and leaks happen to many different people. We suggest that you always check your privacy settings on all of the apps you use. If you’re the victim of a data breach, Secure Forensics can help. Our team of digital forensic investigators can deploy anywhere in the world within 24 hours to identify and stop a data breach. For a free phone consultation, contact us at 1-800-288-1407.