How The Want For Privacy Is Creating A New Market For Privacy

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consumers demand privacy

Consumer Demand for Privacy Services

In 2018, over a billion people were impacted by a data breach or found that companies like Facebook, Sprint, AT&T, and others were selling their data. With such little consideration for data management and user privacy, consumers began to search for alternatives to their everyday search engines, social media sites, and messaging apps. One word which seems to now be part of nearly everyone’s vocabulary is encryption.

The word encryption also started to make a debut as a marketing ploy on children’s toys over the holiday season. The reason? A majority of children’s toys are now connected to the internet and with that connection, comes a variety of internet intruders.

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Demand for Internet Privacy Grows

Tor, a private internet browser increased its users to over two million. In addition, search engine DuckDuckGo also found an uptick in the number of users as the website now has 4.7 million daily users.

The encrypted messaging app Telegram launched in 2013. Since then, the app has grown to over 200 million users with over 15 billion messages sent daily. It’s also estimated that one million people sign up for the messaging service every week. Similar to Telegram is Signal, which has approximately the same amount of popularity.

Demand for Internet Privacy Grows

Not everyone favors services that allow their users to essentially go undetected by authorities, and they have some good reasons. Cybercriminals, terror groups, and others, at no fault to companies like Telegram and Tor, are using these services for illegal activities. Speedy and undetected apps and services can pose a threat, causing Australia to pass laws that allow police and security agencies to have access to encrypted messages.

The pros to internet anonymity are that users who have good intentions can increase their data security, reduce the amount of information collected on them, reduce the chance a data breach affects them and provides freedom of speech.

However there are cons to internet anonymity, too, and that is the ability for criminals to conduct business and communicate with little to no interference.

Data breaches not only affect the business but affects the customers, too. Whenever a data breach happens customers can find their information scattered on the web, leaving them at risk of identity theft, fraud, financial loss and more. Fortunately, Secure Forensics can help both stop a data breach and help victims of identity theft. To learn more, call us for a free phone consultation at 1-800-288-1407.