Tesla Model 3 Hacked in Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

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Tesla Model 3 Hacked

Tesla Model 3 Hacked Again

Not many can argue against the claim that Tesla and Elon Musk changed the entire automotive industry for the better. Tesla features all electric, high-tech cars that combine innovation and technology under one hood.

However, like any other smart digital device, it is susceptible to hacking. In fact, several months ago, car thieves were able to access the Tesla Model 3 via the car’s remote access Now, in a more controlled environment, at Pwn2Own 2019, the same model of Tesla was hacked.

The team behind hacking the Model 3 Tesla called Team Fluoroacetate managed to access the Tesla via the car’s browser. To do this, the team gained access with a JIT (Just-In-Time) Bug — which allowed them to hack into the internal web browser on the Tesla. As a reward, Team Fluoroacetate won $375,000 and the Tesla they hacked. In addition to winning, Tesla thanked the hacking duo and is rectifying the issue with a software update.

Pwn2Own is a white hat hacking contest that happens every year. The contest awards prize money to teams who can identify bugs and vulnerabilities in large companies. Some of these companies include Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Google, and many others.

This contest is not the only way for hackers to receive money from companies for exposing vulnerabilities. A majority of companies include bug bounty type programs that reward hackers for finding vulnerabilities in their hardware and software.

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A majority of the media will paint a picture of a hacker as someone who sits in a cold dark room trying to steal information. While that might be the case for some, there are many different types of hackers.To stay ahead of a cybersecurity problem, it is crucial to think like a hacker. Getting in this mindset requires hiring an ethical hacker to test the hackability of your network. An ethical hacker will be able to find any vulnerabilities that leave you open to a malicious attack.

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