Internet Fraud Scam Receives Little Attention from Authorities

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Internet Fraud No Attention from Authorities

Internet crime is a growing problem around the world. Under the guise of a fake bank or legitimate agency, scammers can cause consumers to lose significant amounts of money in little time. In one recent case, an online scam cost a New York-based physician named Sergio Narvaez $200,000. After wiring the money to a fake bank in the United States, … Read More

Malicious Browser Pilfers Bitcoins

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Trojanized To Browser Steals Crpytocurrency

The digital security firm ESET has reported that, in 2017 and 2018, an unknown group of criminals used a trojanized version of the anonymous Tor browser to steal $40,000 worth of bitcoins from Dark Web users. They advertised the web pages that carried the malicious Tor browser on Russian-language forums, garnering them 500,000 page views in a series of months … Read More