Cybersecurity Lawyer Identifies First Attack on WHO Website

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World Health Organization Cyberattack

With an increase in remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also a greater chance for hackers to create new ways to access sensitive information on personal devices. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has even noted that there has been an increase in fraudulent crimes since the surge in remote work. While the targets may have been corporate level … Read More

Facebook Updates Privacy and Security Measures

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Facebook Privacy Settings

As the world of the internet continues to evolve, privacy continues to be a great concern amongst users worldwide. One of the obstacles, however, is how this concern is translated between the user and the providers of the services they use. Users like to have control over how their information is used, displayed, and stored, especially in the over-sharing culture … Read More

Middle Market Companies Express Concern Over Cybersecurity

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Middle Market Companies Cybersecurity

Usually on the news, the two kinds of companies we most commonly hear about are those of the small, rising-star startups and the enormous well-established juggernauts. But somewhere in-between them all are the companies that are still transforming from a small company to something larger: The Middle Market Companies. In the world of cybersecurity, Middle Market Companies have a rather … Read More

Mixcloud Breach Compromises Millions of Accounts

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Mixcloud Data Breach

The digital streaming platform Mixcloud publicly confirmed that it has been the victim of a massive data breach. The platform hacker publicly revealed to media outlets the Mixcloud data of 21 million users, which is now for sale in an underground market. The stolen data includes email addresses and IP addresses, and a smaller number of hashed passwords. Fortunately, the … Read More