Five Unique and Smart Ways To Stop a Cyberbully

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Cyber Bullying Numbers Increase

Cyberbullying Is On The Rise

According to a Pew Research Center survey of 4,248 United State’s adults, they found that 41% were victims of online harassment at some point and 66% of that number witnessed bullying online. Unfortunately, social media became integrated into the lives of many.

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We use it to connect with families, friends, for work, entertainment and more, but what happens when social media bites back? Cyberbullies use a variety of ways to stay anonymous online and target their victims. Bullying and cyberbullying has lasting mental health side effects, and while some cyberbullies can retreat away from their computers, the victim carries those words with them. There are ways you can fight back against cyberbullies and stay ahead of their malicious and often, anonymous methods of cyber-mental abuse.

Why Documenting a Cyberbully is Important

Cyberbullies can hide in plain sight. It might be the person sitting in the desk next to you, someone in the same room, someone in a different state, or a person who attends your gym but smiles at you daily. So, how can you trick and trap them? Figure out their patterns and times that the bullying takes place. In most cases, however, the cyberbully is someone you have met in real life.

  • You will be able to track any patterns and if their bullying escalates.
  • Helps establish a clear timeline of events if you need or want to pursue legal action.
  • Allows you to track if the risk of injury and if danger level is increasing.

Five Steps to Take to Stop a Cyberbully

These are a few ways that can help you stop a cyberbully and take legal action if you need to. However, these methods are if you tried other ways. First, you should contact a teacher, parent, or other authority figures. Second, try to block the bullies, but make sure that you still have your evidence documented.

1. Do Not Delete Any Private Messages

The first step when trying to reason with a cyberbully is to ensure that you do not delete anything they send you.

2. Document Messages, Groups and Posts

It is essential to keep records and dates of what is sent to you and when. There are some important things to remember when you are documenting a cyberbullying incident. First, make sure that the time and date of the message is clear, second take a screenshot of it, and third, print a screen copy.

3. Report the abuse to social media companies

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have features to report users who are bullying you. To report a user, click on their profiles and look for the three small dots on someone’s profile page.

Once you click those, you have the option to report a user. Reporting a profile might help get their profile deleted, however, if it doesn’t, this will provide you with an email and screen that says you reported it. Take screenshots of these pages, and add it to a folder that helps keep your documentation.

Not all companies will deem abuse as abuse. Within one to five days a social media company will respond. However, they only delete or remove a post and user if they feel it goes against their rules. In some cases you are lucky but in other cases you.

4. Embrace Screenshots

When it comes to messaging services like Snapchat, when those message delete, they are gone forever, to keep evidence from Snapchat and services like it, take a screenshot. However, Snapchat will notify a user if there is a screenshot taken of a post. Screenshotting of a Snapchat is illegal when the images are shared with the public. However, Snapchat alerts the other user of this. In most cases, there needs to be consent between both parties. Privacy laws vary in each state, and it is essential to check with law enforcement before doing this.

One other way is to save the Snapchat chats. Just hold down on the Snapchat message, and it will be saved. This feature is only available if the user on the other end allows for their snaps to be saved.

5. Contact a Digital Forensic Service

In most cases, a cyberbully will hide behind an anonymous username, profile, or email address. Cyberbullies might use an IP blocker which makes it hard to trace where they are coming from. With SecureForensics and our director who has decades of experience with digital forensics, we will help put a stop to your online cyberbullying problems.

We can help you unmask cyberbullies and help reset your online life. Contact us today at 1-800-288-1407 for a free phone consultation and put an end to your cyberbully once and for all.