Security Lapses in Remote Work Put Businesses at Risk

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Remote Work Cybersecurity Risks

The Coronavirus has caused a sharp increase in the number of people working remotely. While this is a practice of “social distancing” that can reduce the spread of the virus, it can compromise the security of a business’ operations. The device that an employee uses, their internet connection, or the email links they choose to open can lead to a … Read More

False Information on the Coronavirus Surges

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Coronavirus Misniformation Online

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is officially a pandemic that has touched every continent except for Antarctica. But another global crisis that is occurring is the “infodemic” of false information being spread about the disease. Social media platforms, fake websites, and email chains have presented inaccurate information about the spread of the disease, its origins, and possible cures. While these falsehoods … Read More

Staying Cyber Safe in Job Searching and Interviewing

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Best Practices for Safe Online Job Search

Applying for a job in the digital age means your personal information is shared with potential employers and companies must weed through the digital footprint candidates leave behind. Little information remains private in the process of job searching and both job seekers and employers must take precautions in both applying and interviewing. Applying for a Job There are hundreds of … Read More

The Gates May Open for Third-Party Services in iOS 14

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Apple iOS Third Praty Apps

Apple Inc. is well-known for its longstanding policies surrounding third-party apps and services. The word is, with the iOS 14 Update, Apple Inc. is now considering opening the floodgates and allowing third-party apps and services to be installed and replace Apple’s own default apps if the user desires. This would be a big move considering how Apple has not allowed … Read More