A Data Breach at City Hall

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Just south of Downtown Los Angeles in Southern California’s Gateway Cities Region, the City of Huntington Park became another victim of a data breach. It is striking that this incident was an inside job. With a proper security solution in place, this was a preventable attack that could have been avoided. Teresa Garcia, a budget analyst with the city’s Finance … Read More

Corporate Espionage Doesn’t Pay

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Greed can overtake individuals, and this often comes at the cost of another party. In some cases, a company that spends the time and money on innovations, both tangible and conceptual, may be the victim of corporate espionage wherein a rival company uses the stolen information to profit. All too often this is on account of an employee who steals … Read More

A Case Study in Workplace Sabotage

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Nestled between the Calavera Hills to the east and the cool, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the charming seaside town of Carlsbad sits perched on rugged cliffs along Southern California’s coastline. Beneath its noted balmy climate and laid back atmosphere, this northern suburb of San Diego was the site of a serious cyberattack. Unlike many attacks … Read More

Disgruntled Employees and Data Security

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As any company knows, some of its former employees do not part ways on gracious or friendly terms. Some, in fact, leave with an ax to grind. What is worse for the businesses is that frequently these employees harbor these feelings before they leave the company and may act out in anticipation of their resignation or termination. This can be … Read More

Innovative Data and Technology in the Courts

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The concept of “court” is familiar among the general public and elicits imagery instantly associated with the system—the judge’s black robe, the wooden gavel, the bench towering over the courtroom, the tense and stuffy atmosphere, the statue of Lady Justice adorned in Classical attire while holding a sword and scales. Technology does not come to mind when one thinks of … Read More