Mobile and Remote Workers Pose A Serious Security Risk for Businesses

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Mobile Workers Pose Risk to Security

Is Remote Work the Cause of Data Leaks?

Within in the last few years, a job is no longer confined to a desk and an office. Our jobs travel with us via phone, laptop, USB, or hard drive. Due to the mobility of today’s workforce, organizations worry about their cybersecurity, and for a good reason. Employees, even CEOs can find their office in a cafe, hotel lobby, an airport, or a train station while they wait for departure. With many wifi networks, lack of encrypted devices, and the possibility of losing devices, it is no surprise why businesses are concerned about mobile cybersecurity.

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A global mobile connectivity firm name iPass surveyed 500 businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States on mobile security. Of the 500 organizations, 57% reported that they speculate their mobile workers were compromised. In the report, iPass focused on several key areas that organization decision makers and leaders worry about. These areas include the following:

  • Mobile security issues.
  • WiFi related security issues.
  • VPN use.
  • The risk of personal digital devices.
  • Network security of cafes and coffee shops.

Of the countries surveyed, European countries were more concerned with cybersecurity than the United States. Part of this concern is most likely due to GDPR consequences. In comparison to the percentage of businesses with mobile cybersecurity worries, 43% of the surveyed firms were not concerned.

Where Most Cyber Incidents Happen

The number of remote workers increased from 24 percent to 31 percent, and the number is steadily growing. While an office can still be a cubicle or corner room in a skyscraper, it is more likely that work is happening in a Starbucks or studio apartment, and exhibition center. In the iPass study, 81 percent of the organizations surveyed said they witnessed wifi security issues. The top three leading locations and averages for security concerns are:

  • 62% of businesses worried about cafe/coffee shop WiFi security.
  • 60% of companies concerned about airport WiFi security.
  • 54% of companies are concerned about hotel WiFi security.

How Cyber Incidents Happen

First, cyber incidents occur due to phishing attempts, loss of devices, and a lack of security patches. However, a new source cyber security issues are due to employers not supplying employees with devices. Fewer than 23 percent of employers provide their employees with digital devices. This can leave businesses vulnerable to security risks since companies don’t have control over the security of settings on their employee’s personal devices.

How to Prevent Data Leaks

In light of new stories that feature a data breach and leak every day, businesses need to find a way to prevent leaks, but how? With the staggering number of employers who do not provide their employees with digital devices, one solution is encrypted hard drives and encrypted USBs. The SecureDrive and SecureUSB are the perfect solutions for the worker on the go. The entire line of SecureDrives and USBs feature 256-bit military grade level encryption.

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Our SecureDrive KP line features keypads on both the USB and drives and are IP57 certified. This means that our drives stand up to dust and water. The keypad entry adds an extra layer of protection for the user. If a device is lost, businesses can feel confident that the data will not leak and cannot be hacked. After ten failed login attempts, the device will wipe itself.

For the employers who do not provide employees with devices, the SecureDrive and SecureUSB BT offer the perfect solution. The SecureDrive BT lines are drives and USBs in the world with Bluetooth accessibility. Bluetooth and the added remote management allow for a single administrator to geo- and time-fence the device, remote wipe the device, and keep control of who has it with the ability to add and deny user access. Additional to the devices is a subscription to cloud storage. This way, if your drive needs to be wiped, you can easily reaccess the information.

Are You a Victim of a Leak or Data Breach?

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