Middle Market Companies Express Concern Over Cybersecurity

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Middle Market Companies Cybersecurity

Usually on the news, the two kinds of companies we most commonly hear about are those of the small, rising-star startups and the enormous well-established juggernauts. But somewhere in-between them all are the companies that are still transforming from a small company to something larger: The Middle Market Companies.

In the world of cybersecurity, Middle Market Companies have a rather unique situation compared to others. Startups don’t have much that a hacker wants to steal while the successful corporate giants have the means to afford the proper protection.

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So, where does the Middle Market Company stand in the face of cyberthreats? Let’s look at what makes the Middle Market Company just right for the opportunistic hacker.

What Makes the Middle Market Company?

While there isn’t officially a distinct way to categorize Middle Market Companies, it’s accepted that midsize enterprises maintain and operate their business at a certain level or quantity of various elements, such as the range of revenue. According to Gartner.com, a Middle Market Company is defined by:

  • A revenue ranging between $50 million to $1 billion
  • Maintaining an IT staff of less than 30 individuals
  • Knowledge workers ranging between 100-1000
  • An IT budget that averages less than $20 million
  • An average IT spending of roughly 4.9% of the company’s revenue

A Hacker’s Choice Target

As you can see, a Middle Market Company produces quite a large amount of revenue, even if it’s not at the top of the corporate food chain. However, it takes a lot of money to create a profit, resulting in some Middle Market Companies being unable to afford the proper cyber security against malevolent third parties. With up to $1 billion at stake, it can be a lot of work for an IT team of less than 30 to make sure that everything’s locked up and secure. That means easier pickings for the sneaky hacker. Even better for the hacker, a Middle Market Company has less ability to recover from the costly damages of an outside infiltration, whereas a larger company likely has the funds to both recover and bolster their defenses.

What’s a Middle Market Company to Do?

Presently, Middle Market Companies and others are trying to shore up their defenses against hackers and data thieves. One popular method is to increase cybersecurity awareness training for all employees, educating them in the methods that hackers may attempt to enter a company’s system. Other measures include newer and higher quality authentication methods for company users accessing work stations or simply entering an office space. While it’s harder for a Middle Market Company to afford some of these preventative measures, any type of prevention method is a worthwhile investment.

A Good Investment is One That Protects Your Company

Along with a trained workforce, one of the best resources for cybersecurity is a team that knows how to investigate, analyze, and also legally present evidence of a cybercrime. Using these professionals could mean the difference between a thief getting away with your data and money or finding the perpetrator and recovering what’s rightfully yours. With SecureForensics, you’ll have access to a variety of services designed to analyze, protect, and retrieve your data including:

  • Computer and Mobile Device Forensics
  • DVR Recovery Forensics
  • Data Breach Response
  • Legal Forensic Services

With our comprehensive digital forensic services, you can provide your company with a full blanket of protection, no matter the size of your corporation. Call us at 1-800-288-1407 to secure your peace of mind and add a layer of defense to your cyber security plan.