Toshiba, Porsche, Airbus, and More Part of Massive Data Breach

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Porsche Experiences Data Breach

Major Companies Find Their Data Shared Online

A hacking group called Boris Bullet-Dodger managed to steal 516GB of financial and private data from a German-based IT infrastructure provider called Citycomp. Why is this a problem? It turns out that Citycomp manages the IT infrastructure in 75 different countries and their clients consist of major companies like Oracle, Porsche, Airbus, Volkswagen, Toshiba, and more.

Michael Bartch, the executive director of Deutor Cyber Security Solutions, the cybersecurity firm hired to manage the attack, says, “Citycomp has been hacked and blackmailed and the attack is ongoing.” He did confirm that not much else can be said about the attack due to the case being under police investigation.

So, how can Citycomp say that they fended off the attack when they were in fact hacked and the files were posted online? Well, it turns out that they ruled this as a success since they did not give in to the extortion demands. They say their company does not yield to blackmail and therefore, the publication of the customer data could not be stopped. However, the ransom or amount of money requested was only $5,000. This seems minuscule compared to what they could lose.

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Ransomware Continues To Rise

The concept of ransomware is when computer hackers lock digital devices and encrypt files until their victim agrees to pay them a sum of money. Ransomware can affect cities, companies, personal computer users, organizations, schools and virtually anyone who connects to the internet.

In 2019, cybersecurity experts expect ransomware threats to rise to $11.5 billion with the leading causes being mobile malware and banking malware. Critics might point out that a company or organization is not doing enough to protect against these attacks, however, a study found that 75% of companies were running up-to-date endpoint protection.

How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

As a result, many might assume that preventing a ransomware attack might not be possible. While that might be true, it’s possible to still stay ahead of hackers by backing up your files on a hardware encrypted device. The SecureDrives are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated devices with AES 256 bit military grade encryption and built-in anti-virus. This means that if your computer or server is compromised, you will have a secure back-up of all of your information and you will not need to succumb to a hacker’s extortion.

If you are the victim of a data breach, Secure Forensics can help. Our digital forensic experts can deploy anywhere in the world within 24 hours to help identify and stop a breach. To schedule a free phone consultation, contact us today at 1-800-288-1407.