How to Spot, Prevent and Stop Cyber-Bullying

Sergei VolfCyber Bullying and Online Harassment

Spot the Signs Cyberbullying

How Bullying Evolved

It’s no surprise that bullying at school spans generations. In contrast to bullying of the past, it is no longer isolated to school, the bus or other various groups. Instead, bullying has hit the cyber world. Cyberbullying does not judge and anyone or any age can fall victim to it. If you own a smart device or have access to the internet, you too are susceptible to the threat of cyberbullies.

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What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyberbullying is any form of an attack that occurs online or with a digital device. These attacks can include vicious text messages, rumors spread online, sharing embarrassing photos of someone, or using a fake profile to deceive someone. Cyberbullies use a variety of apps, internet forums, and social media platforms to target their victims. It is possible to prevent these attacks from happening, therefore, you need to spot the signs of cyberbullying first.

How to Spot Cyber-Bullying

In the early aughts, parents could easily monitor social media access and what occurred. In the last six years, apps like Sarahah, Snapchat and many more prevent parents from monitoring an app. For this reason, Apple and Google dropped the app Saraha from their app store. If you suspect your child is cyberbullied, there are ways to spot it. These signs might mean your child is bullied:

  • Refusal to attend school
  • Lower academic performance
  • More secrecy surrounding their online activity
  • A large increase or decrease usage of social media apps
  • Change of personality overnight
  • Sheepishness and retraction from activities

Cyberbullying and bullying can result in mental-health distress. Bullying will subside and lessen over time but the mental side effects can last forever. Most states have policies and laws related to bullying, but very few if any have laws related to cyberbullying. When is bullying considered illegal? Law enforcement will take action when bullying turns into harassment. Harassment is an attack on a person’s ethnicity, orientation, gender, religion or disability.

Prevent Cyber-Bullying

To prevent cyberbullying, step on the spark that could ignite the flames. In response to cyberbullying and other online risks, private companies like Google took action. Google’s innovative Interland game provides games for school-aged children to teach them about safe online practices. One game, titled Kind Kingdom challenges players to spread positive vibes and how to avoid, prevent, and report cyberbullies. Google includes a curriculum for teachers and parents alike.

Studies find that cyberbullies are people who know their victims in person. Take action if you suspect that your child, friend, or family member is bullied. To take action, contact school officials, parents of the bully or other guardian figures.

Stop Cyber-Bullying

While Cyberbullying can be hard to stop, it is not impossible. Secure Forensics has a response to the cyberbully who hides behind an anonymous username, an IP blocker or apps that protect their anonymity. When an average computer user cannot find them, they contact us.

Our digital forensic expert has decades of experience in digital forensics. Secure Forensics holds the most certifications in digital forensic software, too. These tools and the experience of our experts means that we can unmask the cyberbullies. We’ll provide a detailed, court admissible report, and offer expert witness testimony.

Do you feel you exhausted all options to stop a cyberbully? If you do, contact us at 1-800-288-1407 and we can help make your online world a better place, once again.