Gillette Tackles Cyber Bullying in New Ad

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Gillete Ad Cyber Bullying

Gillette Targets Online Bullying in New Ad

For thirty plus years, the company Gillette launched a new ad campaign called “The Best Men Can Be.” The ad focuses on many social issues, with one of them including cyber-bullying and bullying. At the twelve second mark, a boy is wrapped in his mom’s arms while messages calling him a freak pop up around the screen.

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Gillette joins many other private companies like Google. organizations Diesel and Kering, and young app developers in opposing bullying. The overall goal of all private companies targeting cyberbullies is to raise awareness and provide resources for victims of bullying.

Cyberbullying is relatively new within the last decade and Generation Y or Millennials were the first generations to experience online bullying. In the last decade, the number of social media users grew, due to Generation Z. Generation Z – if you are not familiar- is anyone born between in the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. Compared to Gen Y, Gen Z is the first generation that’s always had internet, cell phones, and access to technology. With the addition of Gen Z, it adds to the nearly three billion people who have social media accounts.

The Growth of Social Media and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is on the rise and causing mental health problems for young people and working-age people alike.Regardless of the shocking statistics, laws that surround cyberbullying are somewhat ambiguous. In most cases, lawmakers and laws recognize that cyberbullying is real. However, the main focus of most laws is specific to traditional forms of bullying. In the Gillette ad, the video in a way showcases the transformation of traditional bullying into cyberbullying.

In the scene prior to the boy in his mother’s arms, the boy is running away from a group. However, even though he is technically safe from physical harm, the text messages pour in. This shows that bullying is no longer reserved for the playground or the workplace and travels to the place we consider to be safe – home. The increase in cyberbullying, and lack of laws, is why Michigan and private companies are taking responsibility. In some states, cyberbullying is only punishable if it is harassment or if it happens while students are at school.

Is It Enough to Block a Cyberbully?

Those who are unfamiliar with social media might say, “block them.” Unfortunately, blocking someone is not enough to stop an online bully. An average high school student is savvy enough to create a new account within seconds, and retarget their victim. The person being bullied might block them again, block a phone number, or report posts, but that might not be enough. To truly stop a cyberbully, one must take legal action but it can be difficult if the bully hides behind multiple anonymous accounts.

One solution to stop a cyberbully is to recruit a digital forensic service. SecureForensics, with our decades of experience, can help unmask a cyberbully. Once we’ve found out who the bully is, we will take the evidence gathered and build a court admissible report for you. These reports will help you put an end to your online bullying. Call us today for a free phone consultation at 1-800-288-1407.