How Job Seekers Can Easily Delete Their Old Tweets

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Twitter's Advanced Search

Employee Verification and Social Media

Some job seekers might have years of relevant experience, an education from a well-known university, and a GPA to match, yet they are not getting a job. Why? Social media. After polishing their looks and resumes, they forget about one key ingredient to a prospective employer and that is their online behavior. It does not matter if tweets or social media posts were made five years to ten years prior to you sitting in front of an interviewer, what matters is what you said.

Today’s social media world means that anything you’ve ever said and posted can and will be used against you in an interview. Employers care about these social media posts more than ever before due to the backlash that they might face. However, for many Millennials and Gen Z’s, the dawn of social media was when they were in high school and middle school. This timeline means social media came before we ever thought about the consequences of one single tweet.

Fortunately, there are ways for anyone to clean up their social media profiles so they can walk into the job interview of their dreams and make a great first impression. This will not require any extra subscription-based service, and you won’t need to delete your Twitter account. To access the advanced search option, click here.


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How To Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature

Similar to how you’re using the Advanced Search feature to find tweets that can cost you the job, so are Human Resource employees and businesses. Advanced search is not a feature that is exclusive to your own account, rather, it is a feature anyone can use to type your name in and find out what you wrote on a Friday night, 13 years ago, when your heart was broken, or when you expressed a political idea, or really, anything.

You’ll arrive at a screen that lets you type in exact words or phrases, look up what languages something is written in, and then, from what accounts you are searching. In the fourth section is where you can enter the dates of what you are searching for. So, if at any point during your college years you joined a protest, expressed radical ideas, or tweeted derogatory comments, you might want to delete them if you’re looking for a job.

Celebrities and Others Lost Gigs Due to Social Media Posts

Job seekers are not the only people who can benefit from this feature. Celebrities, athletes, and others have lost scholarships, gigs, and more due to tweets that at one point might not have been considered offensive, but now are. Kevin Hart, for example, lost out on hosting the Oscars when offensive tweets popped up. While Hart claims that those tweets were not meant to be taken seriously, they still existed, and Oscar’s committee asked him to step down from the position.

To check up on any tweets you posted, run an advanced search, and start scrolling. Anything that may be considered offensive should be removed. This might include a picture you took with friends on a Saturday night at a college party or a tweet about a professor, peer and much more. While people change their opinions and mature over time, social media and the internet never forgive. Cleaning up your social media accounts can be the deciding factor between you and another candidate for the same position.

Secure Forensics Provides Employee Verification

Employers might wonder what their employees are up to online or who they are hiring. Secure Forensics provides employee verification services to help explore and see if a potential employee is being honest about their resume and past. Did Sally go to Harvard? Did Johnny really intern for NASA? We can find the answers to those questions.

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