Cyber Infidelity Explained – Why A Spouse Cheats Online

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Cyber Cheaters User Many Methods

Why A Spouse Cheats Online – Cyber Infidelity Exposed

Text messages, social media, and online cheating might not always mean physical contact or a seedy motel room. Online affairs continue to pose a challenge for relationship therapists due to due to the emotional connection associated with online infidelity. What is cyber cheating? It’s been defined as the exchanging of sexual photos, cybersex, online flirting, and watching online pornography.

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The American Psychological Association states that a cyber affair has brought infidelity into more homes than a traditional affair. The bottom line is online cheating allows for the cheating culprit to sneak around without their spouse ever suspecting a thing.Secure Forensics offers private investigation However, there are some red flags that your spouse or partner is having an online affair.

Are Internet Affairs Different? Cheating Then and Now.

Cheating evolved over time and escalated during the dawn of the internet. Cheating is no longer reserved for a motel, office affair or a business trip. It might appear that a cheater does not view online affairs, as a real affair. This cognitive dissonance might be due to the lack of actual physical contact in an online affair. However, about 10% of all affairs start online and 40% of all online affairs turn into a real-life affair. Even if there is no physical contact, an online affair means an emotional betrayal, otherwise known as emotional infidelity.

Online cheaters have more reasons to spend their time online. Online cheating is not only easier but more cost-effective, too. Cybercheating has one more factor in its corner, and it’s an economic one. Economically online cheating makes sense due to the low cost of internet and data. The low price of internet, ability to hide an affair online, and ability to connect on dating sites with virtually anyone around the world make internet cheating very attractive.

The Evolution of Cheating

Then, cheaters used methods like hidden credit cards, P.O boxes or waiting for the mail delivery person and eagerly ripped apart a love letter. Of course, with improved technology and communication methods, cheaters were able to branch out. The first mobile phones allowed for separate lines your spouse couldn’t trace, then, introducing e-mails and text messages increased the ability to cheat. However, this form of cheating still required the cheater to know the person in real life.

Now a computer and phone make it possible to connect with someone in a different city, state, or country. Besides, there are no limits to the number of affairs a person can have online either. Previous to the internet one affair might seem like a chore. Now, you can have multiple conversations in one app with people from anywhere in the world. Sending a romantic gift is easier, too. With the ability to shop online and secret credit cards or online payment service, spouses and partners may never know.

The bottom line is, cheating then and cheating now is not inherently different. While cheating from the past meant more of a physical relationship, but both consist of an emotional affair. New technology enables these affairs and tracking a spouse might be difficult.

Is It Possible to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

The short answer is yes. See, technology might make it easier to sneak around like a snake in the grass, but there is technology to expose a cheater, too. There are many ways that you can catch a cheater. However, one the best and safest methods to catch a cheater is with a digital forensic investigation. SecureForensics can help you discover the hidden files, credit card statements and more that point to someone cheating.

So, why do people cheat online? To summarize, people cheat online because it is easy, there is a smaller risk of being caught, and cognitive dissonance. If you suspect your partner is cheating, call us at 1-800-288-1407 for a free phone consultation.