Intentions of Chinese Hackers Baffle Experts

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Chinese Nationals Charged in Anthem Data Breach

In 2015, around 80 million customers of the insurance company Anthem Blue Cross were affected during a widespread data breach. The hackers were able to compromise some of their victim’s most confidential data. This data includes their personally identifiable information, social security numbers, health information and more. While it did not take the U.S. security companies long to figure out who was behind the breach, it did take nearly four years for anyone to be convicted. However, on Thursday, May 10, 2019, American prosecutors finally took action.

After reading through the indictment, many were surprised that charges related to Chinese state involvement were not listed. Prosecutors did find that the Anthem hack was connected to the Chinese raid on the Office of Personnel Management. While many assumed that these two breaches were for the Chinese government to identify U.S operatives inside China, any proof of that was not in the report.

Instead, the indictment states that the two Chinese nationals wanted to steal millions of Social Security numbers, employment information, and income data. While the initial indictment might not list that the two nationals were working with the Chinese government, a source told Foreign Policy that there will be more to come surrounding this topic.

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Data Breaches Happen

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