COVID-19 Virus Sparks a Different Outbreak: Malware

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COVID-19 Outbreak and Malware Epidemic

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the WHO-designated COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) has taken over two thousand lives, breached the perimeters of at least 26 confirmed countries, and sparked a secondary kind of outbreak: fear. With people across the globe becoming increasingly worried about the COVID-19 virus, malicious actors across cyberspace are cashing in on those fears, using the unease amongst … Read More

Facebook Updates Privacy and Security Measures

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Facebook Privacy Settings

As the world of the internet continues to evolve, privacy continues to be a great concern amongst users worldwide. One of the obstacles, however, is how this concern is translated between the user and the providers of the services they use. Users like to have control over how their information is used, displayed, and stored, especially in the over-sharing culture … Read More

Facebook Suspends Apps as Part of their Privacy Initiative

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Facebook Suspends App to Improve Privacy

The unsealing of court documents surrounding the Cambridge Analytica case recently forced social media giant, Facebook, to admit that it has uncovered far more suspect apps than it was initially willing to admit. In fact, the number of purged apps appears to exceed 69,000 — far greater than the 400 it originally disclosed. The apps were found to have improperly … Read More

Telegram Bug Allows Recovery of “Unsent” Messages

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Telegram Bug Lets Users Save "Unsent" Photos

The mobile messaging app, Telegram, recently announced that a fix to a nettlesome bug had been published on September 5. Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra found the problem while investigating Telegram’s MTProto protocol. The app has a feature that allows users to “unsend” messages that have been sent to others’ inboxes. This convenient mechanism allows users to retract messages that have … Read More