Fake Travel Sites Account for Surging Number of Travel Scams

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Fraud Surges on Fake Travel Sites

Travel Website Is On The Rise It’s estimated that 30% of travel-related scam victims lost between $1,000 to $3,000 due to phishing and fraudulent practices. Despite increased awareness and strong cybersecurity measures, schemers are still managing to hijack your information, finances, and ruin your perfect summer vacation. McAfee discovered in a recent study that one out of every five Americans … Read More

Cell Phone Carriers Roll Out Robocalling Blocking Services and Apps

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Stop Robocalling Spam Voice Calls and Texts

Telemarketers Inspire Pop Culture Since the telephone went mainstream, pesky marketers and salesmen have found ways to infiltrate your lines, disrupt your naps, and interrupt a peaceful dinner. The 90s sitcom Seinfeld episode played into this annoyance when Jerry gets a call from a telemarketer. In the scene, Jerry responds by saying, “why don’t you give me your home number … Read More

Why Online Infidelity is So Common

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Online Couples Online Infidelity

Online Infidelity is More Common Than You Think The internet has made the lives of cheaters around the world easier than ever before. For starters, there are apps and services that allow them to access multiple forms of transportation. This allows them to travel to various locations without their car being tracked, or, they can call a ride for the … Read More

Clear The Information From Your Car Before Selling It

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How to Delete Information in Car's Infotainment System

Cars Are Part of the Internet of Things Almost everything we use today is connected to some form of wifi. These devices are known as IoT or Internet of Things. It’s comprised of lightbulbs, thermostats, smart speakers, coffee pots and even your car. Every day, these devices are collecting tons of data on you and storing this information in some … Read More

How Job Seekers Can Easily Delete Their Old Tweets

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Twitter's Advanced Search

Employee Verification and Social Media Some job seekers might have years of relevant experience, an education from a well-known university, and a GPA to match, yet they are not getting a job. Why? Social media. After polishing their looks and resumes, they forget about one key ingredient to a prospective employer and that is their online behavior. It does not … Read More