COVID-19 Virus Sparks a Different Outbreak: Malware

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COVID-19 Outbreak and Malware Epidemic

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the WHO-designated COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) has taken over two thousand lives, breached the perimeters of at least 26 confirmed countries, and sparked a secondary kind of outbreak: fear. With people across the globe becoming increasingly worried about the COVID-19 virus, malicious actors across cyberspace are cashing in on those fears, using the unease amongst … Read More

Amazon Echo Security Bug Gets Pwned

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Pwn2Own Contest Amazon Echo Hacked

Two whitehat security researchers, Team Fluoroacetate’s Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, recently won this year’s Pwn2Own security contest in Tokyo. The two took home the Master of Pwn title for the third consecutive year along with a $60,000 prize for exposing a massive security breach in the Amazon Echo, a smart display powered by Alexa. The patch gap vulnerability Cama … Read More

Voting System Provider Maintains Paper Ballots for Security

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Voting Machine Paper

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but the voting process for Americans is going to be one that stays traditional. The Election Systems and Software (ES&S) company has promised that they will no longer be selling paperless electronic voting systems. Why Not Go Paperless? Most companies or organizations that correspond with consumers online offer the option of “going … Read More