Voting System Provider Maintains Paper Ballots for Security

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Voting Machine Paper

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but the voting process for Americans is going to be one that stays traditional. The Election Systems and Software (ES&S) company has promised that they will no longer be selling paperless electronic voting systems. Why Not Go Paperless? Most companies or organizations that correspond with consumers online offer the option of “going … Read More

Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger Installed Malware on Phones

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whats app messenger hacked

Facebook’s WhatsApp Hacked The Facebook-owned “WhatsApp” fell prey to a spyware vulnerability which was exploited by an Israeli cyber intelligence company. Once WhatsApp was alerted about the vulnerability, they notified their 1.5 billion users that they needed to update their app immediately. Still, the update came too late for some who had their phone calls spied on and their operating … Read More

Suspected Malware Infects Technology at Cleveland Airport

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A technical issue with the computer systems at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has now caused blank information board screens for four days and counting. Screens that show people their flight times, boarding gates, and baggage claim information have been dark since Sunday, April 20. All Systems Not A Go The airport first noticed issues with the computer operating systems … Read More

VFEmail Server Loses All Data After Malicious Hack

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Email Server Loses All U.S. Data in Malicious Hack The email server, VFEmail, lost all of its emails and related data after a malicious hack on February 11. VFEmail is an email server for personal users, small businesses, and non profit organizations. It began as a single FreeBSD server and has grown to include the use of virtual servers to … Read More

Tesla Model 3 Hacked and Stolen

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Hacked Tesla Model 3

A Tesla Model 3 Was Shown To Be Hacked and Stolen Slasher horror flicks are not the only things hacking their way into our lives this October. On Oct. 21, 2018, Anthony Kennedy shared a video to YouTube of the theft of his Tesla Model S. In the video, it shows the thieves hacking into the car’s system by taking … Read More