Crypto Update: Auditors Find QuadrigaCX with Empty Cold Wallets

Laura BednarFraud

Investigation Quadrigacx Empty Wallet

Rumors of fraud are spreading throughout the crypto world after Ernst and Young (E&Y) found Quadriga CX’s cold wallets to be completely empty. The Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX was on the verge of bankruptcy after their CEO Gerald Cotten died, taking the private keys to the exchange’s wallets with him . They filed for credit protection on February 5 under … Read More

FBI Takes Interest in Bitconnect Cryptocurrency Scheme

Laura BednarFraud

Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme

The recent Bitconnect scheme has left investors broke and searching for a scapegoat. The FBI has taken an interest in the case that lost investors between $2.5 and $3.5 billion. This is not the first issue that has arisen regarding cryptocurrency markets The FBI is turning a corner by legitimizing this case as a serious problem in the money market. … Read More

FYRE Festival – A Unique Cocktail of Phishing and Fraud

Sergei VolfFraud

Fyre Festival Dupes Thousands

How Fyre Festival Resembles Phishing In 2017, an ambitious entrepreneur named Billy McFarland and musician Ja Rule brought together the biggest social media influencers for FYRE (pronounced fire) – a music event that never happened. However, it’s not only the music festival that sparked the rise and fall of Billy McFarland but also his ill-fated debit card Magnises. McFarland successfully … Read More