The Growth of Smishing Attempts and Why They Are Dangerous

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Smishing Attempt

Mobile phones having the ability to connect to the internet seems like a convenience that most users can’t imagine being without. Unfortunately, with each new technological development comes another channel for hackers and online predators to attack. The concept of smishing has grown substantially, becoming another threat to obtaining a consumer’s personal information. What Is Smishing? Smishing is a type … Read More

The Most Common Types of Fraud and How to Avoid Them

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Types of Fraud Prevention

What Is Fraud and How Does it Harm The Public? Fraud is deliberate deception to unlawfully gain money, information, and more from their victims. This white-collar crime continues to be the uniform and chosen costume of the internet’s favorite masquerade ball. Regardless of the type of fraud, it’s always illegal and a criminal act. Fraud is also not a simple … Read More

Online Dating Totals a $143 Million Loss for Victims

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Fraud Online Dating

A Summary of Online Romance Fraud Online dating fraud and schemes have been on the rise for the last several years and result in significant financial consequences. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that 21,000 people said reported romance scams with a financial loss totaling $143 million. That means romance scams have a greater financial loss than any … Read More

Shocking Details About The University Cheating Scandal

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University Fraud Indictments

A Brief Summary of SAT Fraud While the case surrounding Operation Varsity Blues continues, the fraud committed by celebrities and elites alike hurts good kids the most. Several months ago, Kamilah Campbell, an eighteen-year-old honor roll student at a Florida high school had her SAT scores invalidated. The reason? The SAT company did not believe she could score that high, … Read More

Cryptocurrency Market Loses Credibility with OneCoin Scheme

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Cryptocurrency Onecoin Scheme

Brief Summary of OneCoin Scheme The world of cryptocurrency is gaining more bad press with another pyramid scheme accusation. This time, it’s cryptocurrency market OneCoin, who is being accused of fraud. OneCoin was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014 by siblings Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignatov. However, instead of the OneCoin investors earning money, only the siblings benefited financially. OneCoin … Read More