American Cancer Society Online Store Infected with Malware

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American Cancer Society Infected with Malware

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to stealing credit card numbers, and the American Cancer Society is no exception. A group of cybercriminals known as Magecart created a malware code that was designed to steal credit card numbers from the American Cancer Society’s online store page. The page allowed customers to purchase t-shirts, books, greeting cards, and other products with … Read More

Malicious Browser Pilfers Bitcoins

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Trojanized To Browser Steals Crpytocurrency

The digital security firm ESET has reported that, in 2017 and 2018, an unknown group of criminals used a trojanized version of the anonymous Tor browser to steal $40,000 worth of bitcoins from Dark Web users. They advertised the web pages that carried the malicious Tor browser on Russian-language forums, garnering them 500,000 page views in a series of months … Read More

UK Has Concerns Over Contactless Payment Card Security

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Contactless Payment Security UK

A 2019 study by IDEX Biometrics ASA found that 63% of consumers in the United Kingdom (UK) are afraid that their contactless payment card may be used fraudulently. The survey involved 1,000 UK current account or credit card holders who believe a criminal could scan their card while it’s in their pocket and steal their funds. Growth of Convenient Payment … Read More

Financial Fraud and Secure Payment Methods

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Financial Fraud Statistics and Secure Payment Methods

While payment methods have become more convenient with debit cards and online banking, the risk for financial fraud has also increased. One piece of personal information can be the entry point for a cyber criminal to access all of your funds. Recent studies show that account takeovers account for half of the online banking fraud, while the other half is … Read More