Defendant Finds Hope in Cellebrite Flaw

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In legal matters, technology can make a tremendous difference. It can help to expedite court processes, improve research and communications, and even serve as evidence in a court case. Technology, however, can also be a double-edge sword. Even before technology began transforming the legal industry, there have long been pitfalls in the fine details of a case. This is popularly … Read More

Corporate Espionage Doesn’t Pay

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Greed can overtake individuals, and this often comes at the cost of another party. In some cases, a company that spends the time and money on innovations, both tangible and conceptual, may be the victim of corporate espionage wherein a rival company uses the stolen information to profit. All too often this is on account of an employee who steals … Read More

Huawei Engages in Legal Battles Over U.S. Allegations

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Huawei Suing United States

A reported Intellectual Property (IP) theft of American company T-Mobile was only the beginning of the accusations against Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer of multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics. Espionage, fraud, and inefficient security are only a few of the problems that Huawei is facing as countries around the world are beginning to distrust the … Read More

Apple Revokes Facebook and Google’s Enterprise Certificates

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Apple Revokes Facebook Certifcation

Apple Vs. Facebook Vs. Google Earlier this week Apple, several iPhone users discovered that the FaceTime app allowed for unauthorized listening in on whoever you called Now, after Apple remedied the problem with a new patch scheduled this week they are taking aim at Facebook’s new Facebook Research App. However, this should not be a surprise to any of the … Read More