A Case Study in Workplace Sabotage

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Nestled between the Calavera Hills to the east and the cool, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the charming seaside town of Carlsbad sits perched on rugged cliffs along Southern California’s coastline. Beneath its noted balmy climate and laid back atmosphere, this northern suburb of San Diego was the site of a serious cyberattack. Unlike many attacks … Read More

Disgruntled Employees and Data Security

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As any company knows, some of its former employees do not part ways on gracious or friendly terms. Some, in fact, leave with an ax to grind. What is worse for the businesses is that frequently these employees harbor these feelings before they leave the company and may act out in anticipation of their resignation or termination. This can be … Read More

2019 Year in Review for Ransomware

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2019 Ransomware Year in Review

As evidence shows, 2019 was a busy year for cyber criminals. Across the country, ransomware attacks are rising. Most recently, schools, hospitals, and local governments have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. State governments have been largely affected by widespread attacks, with nearly 1,000 reports documented in cities nationwide. In some cases, damage rates have surpassed cities’ insurance coverage rates and … Read More

Police Departments Use New Technology in Daily Operations

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Police New Technology Advances

Police officers have long since progressed from using strictly paper files and CB Radios to implementing high-tech security solutions. In many ways, these devices have made departments more efficient, but with modern technology comes the potential danger of invading civilian privacy. Law enforcement officers argue that advancement in technology is necessary, especially in communities where the department is short-staffed. Having … Read More

How Digital Forensics Help All Investigations

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Digital Forensic Benefits

Why Digital Forensics Is Important for Investigations Digital Forensics, also known as computer forensics, is important for a wide range of investigations. These investigations cover employee misconduct, data breaches, cheating spouses, criminal cases and more. Today, regardless of the crime, a digital artifact most likely exists. Information pertaining to those crimes is hidden within digital devices like phones, tablets, flash … Read More