How Digital Forensics Help All Investigations

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Why Digital Forensics Is Important for Investigations Digital Forensics, also known as computer forensics, is important for a wide range of investigations. These investigations cover employee misconduct, data breaches, cheating spouses, criminal cases and more. Today, regardless of the crime, a digital artifact most likely exists. Information pertaining to those crimes is hidden within digital devices like phones, tablets, flash … Read More

PowerShell Guide For Using PowerShell ISE | Post 3

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PowerShell Guide Part 3 of 3 Read part one. and part two. Windows PowerShell commands can be very powerful and useful. As previously discussed, not only can commands be run within the Windows PowerShell but so can scripts. To this point, only Windows PowerShell has been discussed. Also included in the Windows Operating System environment is Windows PowerShell ISE. The … Read More

PowerShell Lets Users Stop Unwanted Running Scripts – #2

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Microsoft PowerShell Guide Blog Part 2 of 3 As we previously discussed in part one,Windows PowerShell allows users to run scripts. Running scripts allows tasks to b automated and quicker. The user can develop their own scripts but there are some rules they will need to follow and some guidelines as well. Rules and Policies for Microsoft PowerShell Scripts Policies … Read More

Microsoft PowerShell Takes Repetitiveness Out of Everyday Tasks – #1

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What is Windows PowerShell This blog post is part of a three-part blog series on Microsoft PowerShell. Windows 10 was officially launched on July 29, 2015. However, there are still some mysteries, challenges, headaches, pains while using a new Operating System. Longtime users might have noticed the absence of the command tool when they upgraded to Windows 10. To replace … Read More

Best Digital Forensic Tools and Software

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The Best Digital Forensic Tools in an Examiner’s Toolkit   There are many tools and many individual utilities that forensic examiners can and will use in the examination of computers. Not all tools perform as well as others in all categories, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. In the examination of Windows machines, OpenText’s EnCase, AcessData’s FTK, Magnet Forensics … Read More