Foxit Data Breach Sign of Outdated Security

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Poor Security Led to Foxit Data Breach

It the eyes of a cybercriminal, data is currency. It’s the reason we have laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, the FCRA, and others that regulate the collection, use, storage, and disposal of personally identifiable information or PII during its life cycle. Today, just about everywhere you go you’re required to give up some of this information to make purchases, buy … Read More

Local Texas Governments Hit with Ransomware Attack

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23 Local Texas Governments Hit with Ransomware

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and in this case, so are the cyberattacks. 23 local government entities in Texas suffered a coordinated ransomware attack on August 16. Ransomware has become a serious issue hitting not only governments but school systems and entire cities. Basics of the Attack Texas governments noticed something was awry when they reported having problems … Read More

Graphic Design Website Canva Breached

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Graphic Design Site Canva Data Breach

Canva Hit By Data Breach Canva, an online graphics and animation creation service, reported a data breach that occurred on May 24. When logging in, users might find that they are prompted to update and change their password, which is common practice for anyone ever involved in a data breach. Now, Canva has released more information related to the breach … Read More