Mixcloud Breach Compromises Millions of Accounts

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Mixcloud Data Breach

The digital streaming platform Mixcloud publicly confirmed that it has been the victim of a massive data breach. The platform hacker publicly revealed to media outlets the Mixcloud data of 21 million users, which is now for sale in an underground market. The stolen data includes email addresses and IP addresses, and a smaller number of hashed passwords. Fortunately, the … Read More

Average Ransomware Payment Increases Exponentially

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Cost of Ransomware Increases for Industries

Ransomware prevents access to critical systems or data until a ransom is paid. Anti-ransom software, a lifesaver for many businesses, protects against malicious cyber-attacks. Even clicking on an infected link, which is very easy to do, can cost companies downtime and revenue. In 2018, ransom attacks were the most common form of cybercrime and includes many high-profile attacks. In 2019, … Read More

Malicious Browser Pilfers Bitcoins

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Trojanized To Browser Steals Crpytocurrency

The digital security firm ESET has reported that, in 2017 and 2018, an unknown group of criminals used a trojanized version of the anonymous Tor browser to steal $40,000 worth of bitcoins from Dark Web users. They advertised the web pages that carried the malicious Tor browser on Russian-language forums, garnering them 500,000 page views in a series of months … Read More

Virtual Private Network “NordVPN” Hacked

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NordVPN Server Hacked

Ironically, the virtual private network NordVPN that was created to ensure browsing privacy, has been hacked. NordVPN, like all VPNs, channels internet traffic through one encrypted pipe, making it difficult for outsiders to see what sites a user visits. Users who want some level of privacy when surfing the web, as well as journalists who are working in dangerous areas … Read More

Foxit Data Breach Sign of Outdated Security

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Poor Security Led to Foxit Data Breach

It the eyes of a cybercriminal, data is currency. It’s the reason we have laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, the FCRA, and others that regulate the collection, use, storage, and disposal of personally identifiable information or PII during its life cycle. Today, just about everywhere you go you’re required to give up some of this information to make purchases, buy … Read More