Debunking and Exposing The Momo Challenge

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Sensitivity Warning: This post mentions suicide, self-harm, and includes graphic stories and possible graphic images. What Is The Momo Challenge? The Momo Challenge is essentially the new Slender Man. Unlike Slender Man, which was the viral craze created on a website known as Creepy Pasta, Momo does not originate from one website or another. Instead, the strange doll is on … Read More

Oscar Awards Fuel Negative Reactions from Twitter Users

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The Twitter Universe is Blowing Up Over the Oscars The Academy Awards celebrated its 91st year, giving Oscars to films, actors, actresses, and directors. The decisions made by 6,000 motion picture professionals who make up the voting Academy elicited many negative responses from Twitter users. Here are the top 3 Oscar moments that angered Twitter users: 1. “Green Book” Winning … Read More

Parents Negatively Impact Their Children’s Future When they Post Online

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Parents Create a Digital Footprint for Their Children It’s estimated that by 2030, nothing about your child will remain private. The bank Barclays released a report in May 2018 saying identity theft of children will increase by up to 74 million instances by 2030. In the first blog post of this series, we discuss how to avoid ads and tips … Read More