Privacy Takes Center Stage at Apple’s Event

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Apple News + and Privacy

Apple announced their new Apple News service, called Apple News Plus. This premium service has a flat rate of $9.99 a month and allows users to share magazine and new subscriptions with their family. However, one of their biggest features is privacy. Apple’s new premium News + app, like their previous app will not track what you read, and what you read will not follow you around on the web. This truly allows for users to have a private reading experience.

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Apple Card Focus on Wallet and Privacy

Apple is planning to change the entire credit card industry with Apple Card. Tim Cook announced that Apple Card will stand behind what the company believes in, which is simplicity and privacy. It’s a new kind of a card for everything iPhone offers. It’s the first credit card designed for a mobile phone, you will not need to wait days to get your credit card. Within minutes, you get your card on your phone and can use it worldwide with Apple Pay. The card is always with you, too. Apple simplified Wallet and card with spending analysis, and, the ability to update your contact information through an iMessage.

The reward program for the Apple Card, means you get daily cash back for all of your purchases. Apple’s Wallet app also works with Apple Maps to provide you detailed reports on where your card is spent. The Apple Credit card will work with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

When you get the apple card, a unique encryption key is kept. Every purchase is validated with FaceID. Apple will also not track what you bought or where you bought it. This means all of your transactions are kept on your phone, not Apple servers. In addition, Goldman Sachs will not sell your Apple Card information to third parties or advertisers. The physical Apple Card has no card number, no signature, and all of that information is kept within your Wallet app. The credit card will be available in the United States this summer.

Apple Arcade — Where Gaming Meets Privacy

Apple Arcade is the first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and living room. Apple says they will change how gaming is developed and working with creators on how these games will be implemented. This announcement was expected some months ago but comes at the heels of Google’s Stadia announcement.

Apple’s never been known for gaming, as any computer gamer will tell you. Some of these reasons include inability to upgrade the hardware, expensive hardware, and lack of support from gaming developers early on. These walls to a true high-end gaming experience are why gamers choose a Windows PC over a Mac. Apple realizes this, and they realize how users are transitioning away from traditional PC gaming. This means that the new service will stream games in high quality to the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV.

A single subscription to this service allows users to have access to 100+ games. Arcade will be accessible from the App Store. The games are all you can play, no ads, no additional purchases, and one flat monthly fee. Arcade will be private and secure, and will not collect any data, or track any information on users without user consent. Additionally, Family Sharing is included. The pricing is not yet available but the Arcade will be out in Fall 2019.

Apple TV Streaming Focuses on Privacy

Apple’s new TV service allows users to pay to watch what they want, use one password, on demand, ad-free, online or off, and includes family sharing. Apple will include all streaming services and cable networks within one single app. The new service will be available via an update in May with the Apple TV. However, the app will also be available on Smart TVs on Samsung first, Sony, LG, and Vizio. The Apple TV app will also be on Roku and Amazon. The new Apple TV app comes with Apple’s commitment that your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

Some new content features movies from Jennifer Anniston, Jason Mamoa, Reece Witherspoon and Steve Carrell, Oprah, Alfre Woodard and Steven Speilberg. Shows announced so far include See, Sesame Street, Morning Show, Little America and more.

Data Privacy Continues to Be a Selling Point

While Google and Facebook seem to struggle with user privacy, Apple seems to flourish. Unlike its competitors, Apple’s put data and user privacy at the forefront of their focus for the last several months. Similar to Apple, Secure Forensics takes our customer’s pricacy seriously. Like Apple, we take the steps to be the most secure digital forensic firm. To do this, we have a strict single chain of custody, information transported on FIPs Level 3 validated drives and numerous certifications. To learn more about our services call us at 1-800-288-1407.